About Us


Vista Estates is Vista Land’s collection of master planned developments offering unique, premium, and sustainable lifescapes that provide its residents, guests, andninvestors with limitless growth opportunities.


Empowered by the grand vision to build cities-within-cities in the Philippines, these estates comprise business districts, learning institutions, places of worship, events venues, state-of-the-art healthcare centers, retail and commercial complexes, leisure and wellness hubs, and horizontal and vertical residential enclaves.


Present in over 60 growth centers across the archipelago and counting, Vista Estates transcends the typical standards of a community by building urban sprawls that are inspiring in vision, compelling in creativity, and grand in diversity.

Our Premier Lifescapes

Explore premium estate living within our master planned developments.



Developments of Vista Estates are meticulously and expertly designed with these pillars in mind, ensuring consistent delivery of superior-quality, aesthetically pleasing themed real estate offerings that conveniently serve the needs of the market while delivering excellent long-term investment growth.


We meet your present needs without compromising the ability
of future generations to meet theirs.


We adopt a forward-thinking approach as we bring to life cutting-edge ideas within our projects.


We develop expertly designed communities with your needs
and lifestyle in mind.


We bring home the best
in the world for people to enjoy
and experience.

Primed for Growth

We commit to delivering excellent long-term growth
for your wise investment.


Business Parks and IT Zones

Our core offerings include providing opportunity zones creating an investment-friendly environment, particularly for business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology (IT) industries. Our developments feature designated office blocks that house banks, entrepreneurial and financial centers, and headquarters of both local and international corporations.

Institutional Complexes

The institutional complexes are designed to elevate the quality of life of our residents and investors. This is achieved by providing complementary learning institutions, places of worship, event and hospitality venues, and state-of-the-art medical centers in our developments.

Commercial and Retail Districts

Enjoy unique shopping and dining experiences through concepts that marry the best of fashion, gastronomy, and lifestyle in an expanded selection of retail and food options. Experience a revitalizing showcase of offerings that will resonate with your evolving tastes and preferences.

Leisure and Wellness Hubs

Unwind within nature parks and trails and open garden corridors that let you breathe easy. At the heart of this dynamic cluster will be an indoor and outdoor activity hub with a luxury spa, state-of-the-art gym, a football or track field, and other sports and wellness facilities.

Residential Communities

Experience an elevated quality of life within residential enclaves where the path to the perfect home ends and the journey to one’s inspired lifestyle begins. Select from a spectrum of home options, including houses and lots or vertical residences that suit your lifestyle needs. Here, cozy clusters of residential enclaves let you indulge in your senses, create living spaces where you can pursue your passion, and make the prospect of owning a little piece of heaven a reality.

Amazing Lifescapes

Explore premium estate living within our master planned developments.