President Corazon Aquino Road (C1), Iloilo

Destined to become Iloilo’s biggest lifestyle destination, Georgia is being master planned to replicate Georgia, the American state— and its namesake. Mention Georgia to anyone, particularly its three cities, Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta, and one calls up images of opposite yet complementing cityscapes.

While Savannah and Augusta are known for their lush gardens and white-pillared mansions perched on half-pint lakes, Atlanta has a more urban and progressive vibe, boasting imposing skyscrapers, expansive highways, and a vibrant business, arts, and culture scene.

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Georgia, as a thriving township, houses both horizontal and vertical abodes. Augusta is a collective of mixed-use residential towers surrounded by amenities and facilities designed to elevate the lifestyle of locals and investors alike. Meanwhile, Savannah is a charming escape that offers a horizontal residential development, a FIFA standard football field, and St. Padre Pio Chapel.

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